Why I Don’t Do Public Speaking

When it comes to public speaking, people tend to have the best techniques. Some have that ability to bring their point to an open discussion and present it well.

I am not one of those people. Friends and associates ask why I don’t speak in front of people, when it is so easy for me to sing. 1. It’s not easy to sing and a lot of times I am shaking all over when I do. It takes all I am not to perform in front of another living soul. As a piano player and a singer. It takes every ounce of courage for me to stand or sit in front of a crowd and perform. It’s a constant battle for me to do it. 2. I know what to do. I know the words I sing, the volume needed to project my voice. I know what tone of voice to bring the point to focus. 3. My singing is not the center focus. There is other sounds, musical instruments that accompany me. With public speaking, between each sentence there is dead silence. Only one sound projecting from center stage and that is my speaking voice. I deal with my own complexes with my singing voice as it is, when I hear myself talk I become annoyed very quickly with the sound of my voice. If I despise it, I know I am not the only one who does.

Example of me failing at public speaking would be at my most recent training at my work. The trainer asked a question to which I knew the answer to. It was a question that I remember it being asked in a previous training. I knew exactly what to say and without hesitation I raised my hand. Unfortunately when I started speaking what I had in my head was not what came out and I spent the remainder of the training beating myself up and I never answered another question. I was mortified. I got it wrong, when I knew I had the answer in my head. But that’s not what came out.

Me and public speaking are mortal enemies. I don’t think this feud will ever cease. It has caused me to sink lower and lower in my pit of social anxiety. I fear the day I have to speak openly again. I shall avoid this at all cost!


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