Why do we feel this need to “put on a show”. We go through our day to day struggle trying to show people that everything is okay, while deep inside we are slowly falling apart. We play this mascaraed for people and even for God. We pretend because we feel like, if we just work hard enough to be “normal” and to be “happy” then eventually we will start to believe it. Why can’t we just have transparency in front of people and more importantly God? We don’t pray about our struggles because in everyone’s eyes, we are okay. We don’t have a mental illness, we don’t have anger issues, we don’t have postpartum depression. We don’t have PTSD, we are “fine”.

If we, however, been a Christian for any period of time, you know that God see’s everything. There is nothing that God doesn’t know about. People on the other hand, can’t know everything, but people have already picked up on your vibes and they know that something is not quite wrong with you. Your secrets will never be secrets for long. Here’s the thing, we already know that God see’s everything, and we know that people are smarter than we give them credit for. So why do we still lie?

The children’s song that comes to mind is “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” That’s what we are doing, we are clapping our hands regardless of how we really feel inside. Even as a kid, I would be in a bad mood and if they asked us to sing it, we would. We are clapping our hands to make everyone think that we are happy. So why, when we know the two has and/or will know the truth, why do we still lie? The truth is, we are not lying to the people or to God, we are trying to lie to ourselves. “If I just show myself that I am happy then, maybe it will be true.”

Here is the thing, We see our imperfections, we see the flawed version of ourselves, we see broke, ugly, unloved. We don’t want people to see that side, so the other side that’s showing our unhappiness will be covered up. Yet, we still know that it’s there. God, on the other hand sees Perfection, He see’s flawlessness, He see’s repaired, beautiful, loved. Despite everything God see’s us as He see’s Jesus.

Let’s become transparent. Let’s live our lives as God see’s us. Perfect. Life is not easy. But it’s easier when you have purpose and when you have self-worth. Let’s be thankful for our imperfections. They make us unique. Let’s begin to see each other as God see’s us. Let’s provide the world transparency.


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