Blogging On A Greyhound.


There have been certain things I have been wanting to do with my life. I have big plans to travel to Japan, be a blogger by profession and become an author. As those things maybe normal and very important I also have smaller plans as well! One of them, is riding a Greyhound to another part of America. I am doing just that today.

As many of you who have read my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my blog know that I am in mourning. I lost my best friend to heart disease. I wasn’t able to be there when she died because I was 400+ miles away in Myrtle Beach, SC (Garden City to be accurate). It has been a long week but at the same time a very fast week. I am saddened but happy that she is no longer in pain with her mortal body.

The funeral was planned on the day that I was to leave Myrtle Beach with the family. Due to the turn of events I am having to come back a day earlier. Since I did not take my car, I then had to make other plans. That which, being, taking a greyhound bus from Myrtle Beach to Salisbury, MD. I get to fulfill one of the things off my very long bucket list. Though, I wish it was under different circumstances.

Now starting off I thought a bus station would be this elaborate place with a bunch of nice places and people… I was wrong, although, I have met some pretty nice people, the experience is not as “glamorous” as I expected. The bus station was small and it was filled with a bunch of angry people including the guy behind the counter.

The Bus was hot, thinking that it was because we were stopped at the bus station I didn’t think much of it. Then as we were pulling off the very “stern but nice” bus driver told the group that the air conditioner was in fact, broken and we were going to have to sit like this until our next stop which was Florence, SC. With the last attempt of satisfying the passengers, she gave the option to get off, but reluctantly, I declined and off we went.

I thought I was going to die. The heat was coming from all sides, (don’t read the following if you have a weak stomach)… People started to stink. I made sure that I wasn’t the one wreaking havoc on my nostrils, but I smelled of Coast body wash and Xtra spray on deodorant. So I began to freak out to the point of paranoia because if anyone reading this that know me, know I hold my nose when people walk by because I fear the smell of their persons after air.

Finally now, we are sitting in a nice air-conditioned coach and on our way to our next stop which is Raleigh, NC. I will let you know if things change, but as of now my experience is about a 3 Star (just to be nice).

Disclaimer I am not in any way putting down the Greyhound Company or its passengers. I am just pointing out my experience on the greyhound bus. I am not saying I will never travel greyhound again. I am just wishing that my first time was a little better of an experience than I actually received.


Thanks for reading!

P.S: The WiFi is terrible. LOL



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