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So this is usually the area in which I tell you about my life. Well it is, but not because the blog tells me to do. It’s because I am motivated to do so. Some would call me a novice blogger. Well I am. (damn these invisible people really have me pegged) others would call me a wicked sinner, a witch, a devil, an evil spawn of Satan out to destroy the fundamental churches. Ok. They can’t always be right, but people who REALLY know me, know me as the following:

My name is Gus Glaros. I was born on 10/09/1989 in a small town called Seaford, Delaware. I am the second to youngest of my 4 siblings (the only boy…. yea…). There is not much I could honestly tell you exciting about my childhood because there isn’t really much I can talk about because it wasn’t all that exciting. My childhood was basically going to church, to school, watching the cartoons I was allowed to watch.

Our family was well involved in the Fundamental Baptist Church crowd. It was all I knew. It was all we were allowed to know because everything else was wicked. We were involved in the crowd who believed that if you did anything out of the ordinary of the daily life of (their version of) a christian than you were out of the will of God. So anything I was able to do we could because my parents let me which I was grateful for but we had to keep it “hush hush” to prevent backlash from the “holy” brethren. It was like a bunch of people in a masquerade ball. They tried to blend in best with everyone wearing the right clothes and having the mask to hide their secrets and lies. All while the person behind them was falling part or was as cold as ice.

We were in chains to mans rules and regulations. They claimed to be against communism but they portray the same act and called it “gods will” and I could never fit their mold. I knew I was not like them. I did the whole salvation thing and followed their rules (when deemed necessary) but I was losing myself. the part of me that kept my sanity.

The messages were nothing but vile and nothing but hatred and anger mixed with misinterpretations and bad translation. Service as the norm for us was “women shouldn’t wear pants”. “women shouldn’t work”. “entertainment was bad”. “music was bad”. “going to the movies is bad”. “all gay people should die”. This never-ending cycle of hatred and vile teaching, all while, yelling and hacking. I knew this was a problem for me because I thought the complete opposite. In all honesty the gay community has more right to get to heaven than they do. They put up with that ignorance on the daily. At least they have the “balls” to be who they really are and not put on a show like others. I still put on a show even to this day. It’s a habit that I have a hard time breaking.

I believe that the bible is not perfect, but should be appreciated for its imperfections. I believe in equality. No man is any better than another. No woman is any better than another. A man isn’t any better than a woman. We are all human. We are all made the same.

I believe in gay marriage and gay rights. I don’t believe someone should give up how they were made to please any certain organization and I certainly don’t believe that it keeps them out of heaven. That thinking is barbaric and should be disbanded. There was a time that I tried to believe otherwise. Again, trying to fit that mold, but to think some God who created us imperfect people, would not allow someone into heaven just because they are different. It makes no sense.

Looking back on it all I honestly feel ashamed. Why did I say some of the things I said. Did some of the things I did. All for the cause of a vengeful god. I am on the road to recovery and I still have a long road ahead of me. I know I have edited this part of my about me page multiple times. The reason is that I am still writing about me. I am still figuring out who I am as a person. I think I have it all figured out, then something comes up and changes it all. All I know is that where I am now, is way better than where I was before.

Thanks for reading my about me page and feel free to browse my blogs!
One Love, Show Love, Be Love.
– Gus

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